Toy exchange Rules

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Toy exchange Rules

Post  Rodimus Prime on Tue Apr 27, 2010 7:31 pm

1. Maximal Alliance Assumes No Responsibility for the buying and selling of items.Buying,trading and of course selling is at your own risk.All transactions are the responsibility of the people involved. before buying items please check there feedback and see what the are like before buying for references before paying for anything. It recommend that you consider an escrow deal and/or use Pay Pal to make your payment as these services can offer some modest level of protection against total fraud.

2. All items sold here must be legal, honest, and of course safe. Don't post a sale with the intention of stealing someones money. Post and sell things that are in the condition described, don't lie about there description.. Be truthful and most of all honest... Do not post items for sale that offer drugs, pornography, dangerous substances or anything else that is consider illegal. Thank you.

3. You can sale things that belong to yourself, If your friends wants to sale items on the site, he must sign up in order to sell.. The registration is free.

4. No flaming of people because of what the are selling, everyone is expected to conduct themselves in a mature manner when the post on peoples buying and selling threads.

5. Please leave feedback for the people you buy things from.. So that people can have a better idea, about the person.. Feedback helps everyone that is on the site.

6. Post ebay auction items in the section stated.

7. No store advertising or selling this is for only person to person.

8. If you do post in this thread it mean that you agree to the terms and conditions stated here.... You are responsible for knowing and following the rules for this section, if peopel are not following the rules they will be banned for a certain amount of time the Admin or mods feels is needed.
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